Zack Hudson: How to Leave a Legacy

Hey everyone, this is Zack Hudson, I’m the founder of Passing the Baton Leadership Resources and I’ve spent years helping people develop their leaders and grow their business. You can find me weekly at Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast. So, today I want to talk about Legacy. We all want to leave one, but we often think about it too late or in the wrong context. So here are two tips to assure you leave a great legacy.

Number one: Don't wait until it's too late. A great legacy starts at the dawn of your career, not the Twilight. I often coach leaders to prepare for their next career opportunity now, because once that opportunity presents itself, it's too late to prepare. The same applies here, you won't have enough time if you wait until later in your career or your life to establish that legacy. If you wait, you will only get a fraction of what your potential impact could have been.

Number two: don't build your legacy in the wrong context. Don't build your legacy on being fondly remembered, because when people forget it, it’s human nature. If you grow others to emulate your heart, your ideas, and standards, then you would truly leave a lasting legacy. A legacy built on memories lasts one generation. Legacy built on true growth in emulation, lasts many.

And that's what I'm most excited about, as much as I love the first generation of leaders that I've developed, it's the generation that they're growing then makes me most proud. So remember those two tips,

Start now, grow your legacy in the right way, to make a better tomorrow.